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The Origination Of Islam

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Image of Somalia People In Pre-Islamic Era

How Islam Started

In terms of world population Islam as a religion is recognized as of the religions in the world that has lots of faithful. Now we get to see how Islam started, Islam as a religion comes second after Christianity at first. At the present moment, there are about 1.8 billion Muslims in the whole world. According to some historians, Islam is dated back to the 7th century making it seem like a young religion. However, that is not entirely true and Islam goes back as far as to the creation of Adam some 5,764 years ago.

Adam was the first prophet of Islam, and prophethood came to an end at Muhammad (PBUH). Today the world links Islam directly to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and calls Islam his religion. However, the rise of Islam is directly linked to Muhammad (PBUH) and it was his duty as the last messenger and prophet of Allah to spread the religion in the entire world.

While Islam had some 24,00,000 prophets in between Adam and Muhammad (PBUH), Muslims largely follow the teachings of Muhammad because according to the Quran, the scriptures of other prophets had been meddled with by the public and therefore are not authentic sources of guidance. This is the reason why Islam was re-introduced through Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) 1400 years ago. This time, however, the scripture was taken good care of, and according to the Quran, Allah took the responsibility for the content of the Quran.

Islam is a Semitic religion that came from the Middle East and Arab and is also known as an Abrahamic religion, due to the worship of the God of Abraham. This is a clear indicator of the fact that Islam dates back to Abraham’s time at least, and that Abraham was a prophet of Allah. Abraham lived in 1996 BC, which is approximately 4000 years from today. And Abraham also serves to found the basis of monotheism in the world. This includes the religion of Islam. Muslims also believe that it was Abraham who agreed to sacrifice his son Ismael in the name of Allah, and it was after this incident that Allah rewarded Abraham and also made this a custom for Muslims to sacrifice animals in the name of God. The animals indicate something that the believers care about, and the sacrifice is carried out in such a way that the animals feel no pain at all.

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Image of Somalia People In Pre-Islamic Era

However, this ritual confirms the existence of Islam even 4000 years ago.
The thing about the religion of Islam was that, with each prophet, Islam was only spread to a very small amount of population and these were considered the prophet’s people. However, as soon as the prophet would leave or die, the people would go astray and forget the message of Allah. They often went astray in the presence of their prophets too, and openly disobeyed them. These people faced repercussions for their actions. This is the reason why not many followers of Islam could be found by the time Muhammad (PBUH) came into the world to guide people.

It was in 610 CE that the prophet Muhammad started getting revelations from Allah. These revelations called for submission to One God, and belief in the Day of Judgement. He was 40 years of age at this time, and he spent 23 years of his life spreading the message of Islam. Muslims consider Islam as “returning to the original faith” that was followed by Jews, Hebrews, Christians, etc.
It was in these 23 years that Islam spread like wildfire. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the perfect candidate for prophethood, as he not only had a character of gold but his virtues impressed everyone around him regardless of their color, wealth, or faith.

Even the disbelievers of Allah respected Muhammad (PBUH) and many converted to Islam later due to this respect for the prophet and their trust in him. This period is known as the resurgence era of Islam, as this is the period when Islam was revived and the true message of Allah was spread to humankind. Another reason for the successful prophethood of Muhammad (PBUH) was that he was not appointed to a specific tribe or group of people. His teachings were worldwide, and his religion was global. Everything he taught; was for the whole world to follow. Not only that, his message was to last till the end of the world. As prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the last prophet of Islam, and there would be no one after him to preach to people and bring them back on the path of righteousness.
After the prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) demise, the caliphs took over.

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Image of Somalia People In Pre-Islamic Era

The caliphate system began from there and the four caliphs of Islam, Abu-Bakr, Usman, Umar, and Ali took turns reigning over the people of Arab and disciplining them according to the laws of the Quran and the prophet. The Caliphs were followed by empires of Rashidun Caliphate, Umayyad Caliphate, and the many Muslim leaders that followed. The period of these empires was also the Golden Age of Islam, where Islam spread and flourished the most and Muslims were one of the wealthiest and most educated people on Earth. They had access to all resources and had numerous inventions under their sleeves. The privilege, however, was short-lived and all power and resources were snatched from the hands of the Muslim emperors and rulers by Christian crusaders.

We could dive deep into the history and politics of Islam, but our point of focus here was the beginning of Islam and how it came to be. Islam has existed since the birth of Adam. However, it was given a new life and a new light when the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) came into the world. It has been 1400 years since then, and even now the world knows Muhammad (PBUH) as one of the most respected and virtuous men in the history of the world. This is why he played a key role in the renaissance of Islam. Islam is merely a faith, a belief. And it lives as long as the last believer lives. You can as well drop your comments or views of how Islam Started


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