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The Facts And Beliefs Of Confucianism

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Introduction To Confucianism

Whenever Confucianism is mentioned, it is a thought and practice that originated in ancient China and is also known as the Ruism. Confucianism is defined differently, which includes philosophy, religion, tradition, rationalist religion, way of governing, or just a way of life. Also, Confucianism is considered a transmitter of cultural values inherited from the Xia, Shang, and Zhou dynasties. On the other hand, it is also known as a Western term that has no counterpart in Chinese. Throughout China, it is considered a global ideology, social ethics, political ideology, a scholarly tradition, and a way of life.

Also, a philosophy that describes this Confucianism as a way of living a full life that includes a deep respect for ancestors and deep human centrality. One of the great things about Confucianism is that it differs from all other religions. Grouping is done within other religions but it is organized religion. As Confucianism is part of the Chinese literate culture, it has spread to other East Asian countries and has had a profound effect on their spiritual and political life. Uncertainly marked and practiced in Chinese culture as well as in various East Asian governments, societies, education, and various family patterns, this religion is known as Confucianism.

What are the Thoughts of Confucius?

Many countries and people regarded Confucius as the originator of the story of Confucianism or as the founder of this religion. When it comes to facts, there is no such thing. He was neither the originator of the story nor the founder of the religion. Contrary to all this, Confucius considers himself to be a transmitter who consciously tried to revive the old to obtain the new, and for this reason, he is famous.

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Considered by various countries and peoples as the founders of this Confucian religion, he simply proposed reviving the meaning of the past by advocating traditional life. The man who proposed this Confucianism in an attempt to revive the old, the love of Confucius from antiquity, shows that he wanted to keep alive the traditions of ancestral reverence, humanitarianism, religious customs, and mourning ceremonies.
In particular, Confucius’s journey to the past was a search for roots, which he considered to be based on the deepest needs of humanity and tolerance.

Confucius believed in the collective power of culture. According to Confucius, time strengthened the sense of history so much. So, he began to see himself as responsible for the continuity of cultural values and social norms.


Image of The Facts And Beliefs Of Confucianism

Beliefs of Confucianism

When it comes to the beliefs of Confucianism, research has shown that they believe in five beliefs. These five beliefs are described in detail below. Let’s see:

Silver Rule of Behavior
The Five Virtues
Five Relationship

Silver Rule of Behavior

The Silver Rule is very important within the religion of Confucianism and is very well written in this principle which is important for human sympathy and the wellbeing of humanity. It is specifically written in big words within this principle that “never do to others as they would not do to you”. But despite all this, the shortcoming of this principle is that it only tells one person not to harm others. But he does not ask the other person to engage in positive behavior.

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The Five Virtues

Jen: He is known as a helpful, compassionate, and gentle person who is considered within this belief.
Yi: Within it is the spirit of fulfilling every duty as the protector of nature and humanity.

Li: Within this belief, the person acquires the right style, mannerisms, and outward expression to express his inner attitude.

Chih: Inside this person of faith is to think and decide wisely

Hsin: Kafir and the only purpose is to build trust and maintain self-confidence
The Five relationships:
When it comes to relationships within this belief, here are some of the relationships that are described below:

The Relationship Between Father and Son

The Relationship Between the Ruler and the Citizen

The Relationship Between Husband and Wife

The Relationship Between Old Brother and Young Brother

The Relationship Between Two friends
All of the above relationships should be based on mutual respect, as stated in this Confucianism religion.

Image of The Facts And Beliefs Of Confucianism

That is why the commandment given within this religion that the relationship should be based on mutual respect is necessary because it will keep the relationship working. This religion also says that one person doesn’t need to play a role, but for both of them to play their role in a positive and better way.
Everyone, including father or son, citizen or ruler, wife or husband, elder brother or younger brother, and friend should play their role. He also says that the elders found within their Confucianism religion and in their relationships should not be considered as gods but remembering them should be considered an important act.

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Marriage: The following are five other more complex issues related to marriage within the Confucianism religion:

Proposal: Within this item, both parties to the relationship compare the hour, day, month, and year of the bride’s birth. According to this belief, if any disturbing incidents occur in the bride’s house within three days of the proposal, it means that proposal was rejected.

Engagement: Within this belief, the couple’s wedding date is fixed then the bride announces the wedding with invitations and gifts of cookies which is like the moon.

Dowry: Within this belief, dowry is considered as a transfer of parents’ property when their daughter is getting married.

Procession: During this belief in marriage within the Confucianism religion, the bridegroom goes to the bride’s house and then brings her back to his house with great joy and excitement.

Marriage: The couple will then recite their gaze which will tie them together for the rest of their lives. They will find each other drunk and they will be the center of the stage with family and friends.

Morning After: After the morning, the bride provides breakfast to the parents of the bridegroom, and then the parents do the same.

Death: After all, the important thing is Confucianism religion believes that the coming of death is a necessary thing that came into this world, it must go.


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