The Chinese Ancient History And Culture

The Chinese Ancient History And Culture


Image of The Chinese Ancient History And Culture

China a country that has an ancient history of values and cultures

Every country has unique features that give it a unique identity. Values and cultures represent the quality of life. culture gives a lot number of benefits it includes economy and social relationship. values are the backbone of the culture in which the whole community exist. China is the oldest country in terms of civilization. The early history of China records from 1250BC belongs to the Shang dynasty.

This country is deeply influenced by Confucianism. The Chinese community is focused on family system formation eldest and oldest generation living in the same roof. Art is described in the form of calligraphy. Tea is a symbol of social status in China. China has a history of 50,000 years old tradition with the largest population of 1.3 billion and 3rd largest country according to the area.

Chinese Culture
China has a diversified culture it includes music, art, a lot number of unique cuisine, martial art feature typically belongs to China, it is a country of literature and philosophy.


Image of The Chinese Ancient History And Culture

Three teachings make the history of the religion of China includes Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism. Shen is the basic element in the religion that represents a lot of variety of God. Almost 80 % of Chinese follow the folk religion.

Ethnic Group uniqueness
In China, a lot of ethnic groups exist almost 56 groups. Han Chinese is the most abundant group. Different kind of marriage customs are present among different ethnic groups that gives them a different identity.

Chinese Family System
Family is a key element of society. China has a history of the family from generation to generation that’s why it’s common 2,3 generation living under the same roof. Traditional stability is still present in the Chinese community. A new generation now getting a job with a high salary and they sent it to their old parents which are living in a small town if the new generation moves to big cities for earning and learning.

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Chinese Cuisine
Chinese food history is thousands of year’s old. It changes from one area to another with time according to weather changes and fashion as well as the preferences of local people. The most famous 8 cuisines of China are Fujian cuisine, Jiangsu cuisine, Hunan cuisine, Anhui Cuisine, Cantonese Cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine, Zhejiang Cuisine and Shandong Cuisine.

Chinese Traditional Medicines and Treatment Techniques

Chinese medicine history is 2500 year’s old. It includes herbal medicine, different kind of relaxing massage therapy, acupuncture technique is a unique technique that typically belongs to Chinese history. Now the Chinese herbal medicines and Chinese massage techniques are most famous around the globe and a lot of people are not getting benefit from them.

Chinese Traditional values
The values of a country its identity and the psychology of people living in it. China has an old history of traditional values most important are:

Chinese people prefer to live in harmony that is an element that is responsible for their growth. They prefer to live in a family system and obeys laws and regulation of a peaceful society.

2.Freedom and Equality:
The Chinese community is now reformed day by day, now the Chinese can enjoy the freedom of speech and living. The Chinese government now paying attention to give equal rights to all the communities that are living in it. These two factors lead to smooth growth.

This value is the core element in the Chinese community. People of China follow this value strictly in both professional and personal life.

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Courtesy is a factor that is prevailing in both hotels and towns in China. Chinese people are famous due to this traditional value that gives them strength and harmony. They always respect the need of others as well as show respect in speech and gestures.

The Chinese government has a long history of democratic struggle. Chinese community love democracy.

This value represents the core element of the moral values of citizens that is necessary for the economic strength of the nation. It exists in the Chinese community for thousands of year’s that is helpful to standardize the Chinese community.

7.China Festives:
China celebrates a lot of festival like spring festival, National day of China, Lantern festival, Laba Festival, Peach Blossom Festival, Shanghai Longhua Temple festival and Dragon boat festival etc. Chinese celebrate this festival by decorating houses and streets, family gathering reunion dinners, fireworks and crack works. Chinese new year different from the basic standard new year because it is celebrated according to the traditional Chinese calendar rather than the Gregorian.
Red colour restriction at funerals:
The red colour is forbidden at funerals because in China red colour is a symbolic colour of happiness, but the names of the dead ones always written with red ink.

8.Chinese Religion:
In China, 4 major religions are present these Buddhism, Taoism, Islam and Christianity. Chinese people do not strictly religious. The main beliefs that exist in China are Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism.

9.Chinese kites:
Chinese have an ancient history of kites .They used it for night flight and for fun.In ancient years they are made up of wood and clothes.Now LED Light is also used to make them more fascinating.

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Image of The Chinese Ancient History And Culture

China is the oldest country with a history of traditional values of cultures that represent a wonderful depiction of its community. These values and traditions affect international policy-making and create a realistic approach to resolve international conflict. These factors are responsible for its progress and its relationship with the world.

These values and traditions convey to the leaders and the remaining world with the help of social media and channels that are helpful for decision making and foreign policymaking. Chinese civilization is rich in arts and science. The traditions and cultures of China not only represented by its history but also in its religions.

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