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Scientology: The Satanic Cult Or Priestic

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Scientology: The Satanic Cult Or Priestic

Introduction To Scientology The Satanic Cult

Whenever we hear the word church our minds tend to wander inside a tall white building with a peaceful aura, a priest inside with a reassuring smile telling us about Jesus and how unyielding is this relentless slog of the rat race which is consuming us all day and night. Scientology religion, guiding us about how with God we only find peace and everything else in the world is just a mere illusion.

So now…. hold on a sec? Scientology church? Science and church together?!!! That’s a twist most of us did not realize we would come across but here comes.
Yes, Scientology church, a church that embraces and utilizes the concepts of modern Science to serve various purposes to humanity while preaching a religion based on the principles of metaphysics. Yes! Scientology is a whole religion and its followers are called the Scientologists. An astounding yet intriguing fact isn’t it?

The term Scientology has been derived from a greek and a Latin word. “Scio”, the Latin word means being in a state of complete awareness or knowing The exact meaning of something while the Greek word “logos” here translates into “significance of.”Hence the term Scientology as a whole means, the study of a state of being completely aware of your self and everything around you. This religion or the idealogy of this faith is was founded by an American citizen Ron Hubbard. By profession, Mr. Hubbard was a humanitarian and an author. The first foundation of this religion was laid in Los Angeles when the Scientology cult decided to have a proper place designated specifically for their religious activities and dedicated solely to evangelize the teachings of their religion. In 1954 they formed their first Scientology church and now they have a total of 11,000 churches globally. All of these churches apart from preaching their religious values and giving sermons also are affiliated with various missions that tend to pragmatically cater to various humanitarian problems.

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Image of The Satanic Cult

The belief system of Scientology

Scientology holds a notion that a man is a lot more than this dignified living organism that goes around making interesting inventions, conquering the moon, and ruling the world to stand as the only superior being on the face of the earth. No! while this may all seem a fulfilling and intriguing purpose of the human life, Scientologists like to believe that there is more to this than the exalted textbook definition of a man and the tales of its glory.

Scientology presents this idea A man could be immortal if he embraces his spirituality completely. The current world, despite living an era of Science and Technology encapsulates and limits human being’s actual capabilities. Once we realize our true potential and how unlimited our powers we would be truly invincible.

Metaphysics and Scientology

The faith of Scientology completely adheres to the concepts of metaphysics. Mr. Hubbard studied the matter, energy, and their interrelationship with each other in detail, their interrelationship coupled with the influence of space and time on them. After years of detailed research and critical analysis Mr. L. Ron. Hubbard put forth the Science behind the prelogics of the spirituality of a basic human mind.

He published his work first in 1951 which met with heavy criticism but eventually people started getting hold off it. His first publication was Dianetics. In this book, he talks about the basic functionality of the ‘reactive mind’. How to identify certain intricate entities and factors that influence your mental activity which is apparently not in our control. Mr. Hubbard deems this book as a savior or reliever the mental trauma or the plight bore by a human mind which is more than often gone overlooked in our society. Also explains how if we are able to control our basic 5 sense more than we currently do then the functionality of our mind elevates automatically. The basic concept of the metaphysics in Scientology somewhat touches all the basic aspects of the major religions of the world like Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism so for starters, this turned out to be a huge affirmative point for people to get lured towards this manifestation. However, for the majority of the people, metaphysics is still a variation of atheism.

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Controversies associated with Scientology

Even though Scientology has been established in the world as a psychotherapeutic practice yet Scientologists have always been the center of major controversies ever since it came into physical existence. Even the concept of Scientology alone arises too many questions in a common man’s mind. Over the years some of the major controversies with the church faced were.

In 1978 Mr. Hubbard and his wife were caught committing the biggest domestic espionage of the history in the United States. They remain imprisoned for an entire year on the account of committing fraud.

The church members are notorious for harassing the people who did not approve of the church practices on many accounts.

Tried to have legal documents tampered in order to hide various activities of theirs from the government.
Allegations of physical violence by the lower staff members on the senior members of the church.


Most of the European countries consider it an anti-constitutional organization. Many of them accused it of being indulged in illegal satanic activities. Some called it an evil cult of criminals trying to lure innocent people into its trap and creating more criminals. Different courts and various jurisdictions of various countries have given it a different legal status as per their law. Some countries such as South Africa, the USA, Sweden, Spain Portugal, etc exempted it from any tax. While some countries like Germany and France never acknowledged it at all and put labels like a cult, criminal organization, or demonic group on it.

Scientology has always struggled for its due status in the world. Members from the church claim that their movement has been maligned by many hate mongers as well misunderstood by man people whom if had understood its true virtue might have wanted to be a part of it too.

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Image of The Satanic Cult

Celebrities who follow Scientology

You all might be surprised to learn that many of our famous and loved accomplished celebrities are also members of Scientologists. Although most of them are not open about it because of its controversial status. There are rumors about many other celebrities (other than the ones about to be mentioned below) being Scientologists too but they straight up deny it. Some of the famous members of the Scientology church are
Tom Cruise
John Travolta
Elisabeth Moth
Danny Masterson
Laura Prepon
Erika Christensen
Juliette Lewis
Jason Lee


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