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Religion Why so misunderstood?

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Image of Somalia People In Pre-Islamic Era

Why Do We Misunderstand Religion?

Religion has to be the most loved, despised, misunderstood, and yet the most discussed topic of this terrene life. For centuries, sociologists, religious scholars, and even the common man have invested their time, resources, and energy to fathom this veiled meaning of life by thoroughly trying to grasp and interpret religion. Faith and belief while for some are the essence of life, there are many people out there to whom religion is nothing more than just a social construct that should be completely abolished in today’s day and age.
In the modern era, being religious or wanting to live your life in the light of the religion you follow is deemed as downright unprogressive or conservative.

Certain people among us staunchly believe that religion is the root cause of every destruction and deterioration that took place around us.

Since I have been allowed to express my opinion on the said matter, I would like to negate the above-mentioned theory entirely. The reason behind the moral degradation of the people of our society has never been the affluence of religion or lack of religion but it has always been the inadequacy of religion adhered and propagated by its followers. Sadly, nowadays people tend to inherit their religion from their ancestors and do not bother to judge the accuracy of whatever that has been taught to them by self-study, hence they end up making a mockery of both the religion and their selves.

There are a lot of inaccurate practices associated with religion nowadays that actually have nothing to do with religion but are culture confused with religion. For every problem out there in the world, the first and foremost solution would always be education, be it religious or worldly. Most of the people around us who claim to be religious, if start studying and then implementing the actual religious practices which are genuinely a part of religion rather than preaching false self-made apprehensions then the society would undoubtedly start to flourish and thrive again. Religion is what keeps us sane and on the right path.

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Abandonment of religion or evangelizing inadequate concepts affiliated with religion always results in feuds, squabbles, vilifying the rights of various parts of the society along with moral disgrace, ensuring that justice and peace never prevails.

Because of these false prospects being widely spread around rather deeply enrooted within our society religion is conceived as a futile and inoperative entity. Religion has become so notorious and wrongly perceived to the point that it is considered as the root cause of several predicaments incorporated in our society. It is rarely acknowledged that at times the general public is unable to differentiate between religion and religious extremism. Scriptures and excerpts from holy books are distorted and purposefully misinterpreted to fit the infamy narrative of certain questionable agenda-driven members of some shady communities. In an attempt of trying to enact a modern social order, they have been vexing into the minds of the people that every mandatory religious obligation is old school and conservative.

The sole purpose of the intrinsic inhabitants of such allied groups is to promote an anti-religion stance against every essential practice of the society so that they could establish a culture so morally corrupt that no misdeed or evil occurring in the modern civilizations is ever appraised accountable.
They want to forever tarnish the concept of sin and virtue. As said before, extreme of every applicable concept may turn it into abusing its value rather than gratifying it. Just like reinforcing extremism in religion is wrong similarly normalizing every inept deed or action in the guise of bolstering modernization is also nefarious. Both of these customs should be condemned and prohibited. We should always keep this in mind that moderation is the key to success.
Excess of anything beyond a certain limit may have adverse effects on our lives rather than yearning a positive outcome.
No religion in the world would seize or limit the estimable rights of any community or minority.

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Lack of adequate knowledge about the religion is what causes certain people to become so blind that they plant the seeds of sectarian hatred and bigotry in the name of fulfilling their religious dues, while in reality they are either satisfying their impaired ego or are in a struggle with their flawed religious outlooks.
While there is no denying that religion is the message and auspices sent by the divine, it also should be accepted that it is a school of thought which is not easily coherent for all. This is that element which creates chaos in the society and paves way for bone of contentions amidst the people.

Image of Origin Of Sikhism In Sub Continent

Rather than conducting peaceful and learnable discussions or debates, people tend to shove their opinions regarding religion into the throats of the people around them expecting not to retaliate or silently follow their concepts. This is not how religion is supposed to be spread and this is not how you convince anyone of the rectitude and righteousness of any belief let alone a religion.

To ensure that nothing but truth prevails and graciousness is far spread so that no one ever has to bear any unjust, it is paramount for people to put their selfdom as well as personal agendas aside and try to peacefully listen to the opinions of others. Respect that, accept that and genuinely try to crucially understand them. You do not have to agree with a person to agree on what they believe in but to make sure that the most accurate belief is accepted and applied in society, tolerance is important.
People nowadays do not realize that not following a specific moral path or code of conduct leaves a person stranded in this utterly perplex world.

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Faith makes a person believe in oneself again, when all hope and optimism is gone, when one finds himself immersed in the darkness aware that there is no way out, that is when faith comes to protect us as our only savior.


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