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Religion And Poverty

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Image of Religion And Poverty

Religion And Poverty A Natural Phenomenon

Do you know why religion was invented? I am not talking about any particular religion rather about a belief in a super-natural being – the all powerful God. The answer to the question was to curb revolution or uprising. You may find this answer weird, but this is the truth.
Religion plays an important role to maintain the staus quo:
Keeping the rich to their well-established status and restricting the poor from upward social mobility. This fact can be corroborated by going through the caste system of world’s oldest religion, that is, Hinduism. The latter divides people according to their professions. In it, rich will getting richer while the poor will die of hunger..
But another question arises here. What caused other religions to leave this abominable caste system.
This is what we call a progressive human mind. Exploiters saw that this system of blood-sucking is causing annoyance, and people are considering it derogatory and inhumane. So, they invented change. But this time the change wasn’t linear. People who were exploiting were from different societies, and they invented various religions according to their own rules. And because of this a plethora of new religions were given birth by the elites.
 Meanwhile, the purpose of this creation of religion was that the poor were asked to find solace in God. They don’t want to tell them the reality: that we are explioting you. Rather, the whole burden of their poverty falls on the “fate”. The word fate is very intriguing and ambiguous. It deserves another article.
Coming back to our point, undoubtedly, religion is the mother of all ills because of its culture of promoting charity which, in turns, suffocates revolution. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the charity and revolution are inversly proportional. If one rises, the other have to bite the dust.
Image of Religion And Poverty
In addition to this, it is often said that the capitalists exploit the masses. True. But what tool they use to exploit them? The tool is religion. They use it to justify their exploitation. And the main explanation they give is that “it was in your destiny”. They often say that it is the God who has made you poor;  it is your destiny which is to blame; the god is angry at you; and you should atone for your sins. We have nothing to do with it.  These are many other explanations they give to poor in order to appease them.
No one can imagine the agony the mother has to endure while giving birth to a child. She roars like a lioness who has seen her cubs dying of hunger. Her pain is beyond description. But if one wants to fathom her suffering, look what god has done to reward her: He has put its most revered commodity, the heaven, under her feet.
And how on earth can one think of leaving such a beautiful thing: his/her mother. Our soil is just like our mother. The similarity between these two is reproduction. They reproduce everything again and again. And It has given us everything. Most importantly, It has  provided us recognition which, unfortunately, many people are ashamed of. And now leaving her in the hands of a savage will tantamount to disbelieving in God itself. So, love for one’s mother is indespensible. And it will make one proud if one present one’s petrichor proudly.
Love for one’s soil comes in many shades. It is up to person which one he accept or adhere to. But the most important thing which hurts the most is leaving one’s soil and believing someone else will take care of it. This is a pure Treason. And this heinous crime is punishable by death only. So, we should do what is expected of us. Every person should do his/her duty. Without this, patrotism will remain just a dream. And we don’t need this outcome. We want tangible results. We want freedom. Freedom from hatred, bigotry, and most importantly, secession. The latter is rife on national and provincial levels. Every minority community in every province wants separation. And the reason they give for that is rejection, expliotation and racism. They don’t know, or don’t want to know, why they feel like this? They don’t reveal why they have been subjected to such phenomenon? They do this on purpose to portray themselves as a docile creatures, unable to harm anyone. But, on the contrary, they are wild and hungry animals waiting to eat up things which are indigestable.
They sacrilege everything considered sacred in the society they live in. They blaspheme the holy culture they live in, but don’t want to adopt. They mock people who they meet every now and then. They laugh at the language which is as old as human civilization. But they will not show these demeanors. They will show those things which they think will help them in their cause, that is, secession. But this wouldn’t happen. Because we will not let this happen.
Religion and poverty
The conclusion which we can draw from this article is that if we want to eradicate expliotation of the poor, we should shun religion. Religion imbrues our very existence. We should shun it to live with equity.
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