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Relationship And Christianity

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Beliefs Of Relationship and A Christian Faith

What does Christianity say about relationships?

Christianity has got many relevant teachings and say on the relationship. The Bible says in 1 Corinthians chapter 7 that polygamy is not allowed and that one man can only have one woman, and a woman is entitled to only one man. The woman has power over the man’s body and can request to use it. The man has authority over the woman’s body and can ask to use it. In 1 Corinthians 7: 3-5, the Bible states that a woman should give his husband his conjugal rights, and a man should give his wife his conjugal rights. The Bible further indicates that it is sinful to refuse sex to your spouse (Acts 17:11).

Love and relationship usually come together. In Genesis 2: 24, the verse says that a man shall live his parent, both his mother and father and marry a wife. They shall become one flesh and live together till death separates them. Just like Jesus loves the Church, so makes the love and relationship between the man and his wife. Mark 10:9 says that man is holy to mean both woman and man, and what the Lord has blessed and joined should not be separated by any being.

What good examples does Christianity give on relationships?

The bible state a good relationship between Moses and father in law Jethro. The connection leads to the marriage between Moses and Zipporah. Moses was directed by his Father-in-law to work as a shepherd, then to be rewarded a wife. This Moses action shows that respect, hard work, and mutual relationship bear good fruits.

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We get an example between Nehemiah as a cupbearer of King Artaxerxes. The relationship between Nehemiah leads to the rebuilding of Israel (Nehemiah). The excellent relationship between Joseph and the King led to the resettlement of Canaan’s people in Egypt, and then Joseph became a powerful man in Egypt after Pharaoh.

Relationship and love come in the story of King Solomon; the King had many wives. He married from different tribes to help bring peace and tranquility between the kingdoms. King Solomon later wrote several love letters in his book Songs of Solomon.

What bad examples does religion give on relationships?

A bad example is the story of Samson and Delilah from the book of Judges 16. Delilah pretended to love Samson and later ask Samson to reveal his strength to her, which she used together with Samson Enemies to bring him down. The relationship from this point of view should not involve lies and pretense.

Relationships should be pure. The Lord God loves the world that he gave his son Jesus to come to deliver us from sin. This action is an accurate picture of love.

The Bible gives us another example in the book of 2 Samuel. In this book, we find the story of King David and Uriah’s wife, Bathsheba. Kind David murdered Uriah and did the act of adultery by taking his wife. The report of the relationship here shows no boundaries leading to death and infidelity. The Bible prefers that man should not kill, and adultery is not permitted. Relationship with Christ and the Church should be an excellent example to follow for all humanity.

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During the time of John, the Baptist. They beheaded John in the party officiated by King Herod Antipas to fulfill a promise to his daughter. The King’s wife, Herodias, was mad with John for condemning her marriage to King Herod Antipas because Herodias was first married to King’s brother, Herod Philip (Mark 6: 14-21).

How does Christianity measure a good relationship?

The values and characteristics of relationship and love are stated in 1 Corinthians 13: 4-5. The Bible says that a good relationship should lead to love and marriage. Relationships, according to the Bible, should be pure, caring, and honest. Relationships should involve respect, patient, selflessness, trust, kindness, and righteousness.

How does Christianity measure a bad relationship?

The Bible condemns the following in relationship. The Bible dictates that relationships should not involve envy, greed, boasting, proudness, dishonor, easily angered, and keeping records of wrongdoings. Partners in the relationship should exercise forgiveness and Tolerance for each other. They should love and care as the Christ care for the Church; this is the first and second commandment of God (Mark 12).

Prophesies related to the relationship

Isaiah 4:1, the Bible reads that in the last days’ men will be scarce. There will be few men that seven women will come to one man and ask him to marry them. They will tell him how they can take care of themselves, buying their clothes and food. Seven women will beg him to wed them to remove the shame. This union shows an indication of the polygamous world in the future. The future trend in relationships will require women to be more accommodative to their fellow women to make sure they have a lasting relationship. It indicates a shared connection with divided love and attention on the man’s side. One man will be required to attend to several women and big courageous enough to love them. This act featured in the days on Lot; in the book of Genesis 19: 30-38, Lot daughters after escaping from Gomorra with their father. They made their father drunk on two nights, and they had with Him, and both got pregnant.

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Relationships should be something important between the two parties dealing in it. Relationships should be a covenant to guide and protect. The Lord God entered into a covenant between Him and us to have a good relationship with Him by respecting His laws and honoring Him. We further entered into a relationship with Jesus by loving God and our Neighbors. Relationships generally should involve love, respect, and care. Humans should practice good morals by being in a good relationship between them and their families and spouses. They should be a good relationship between the people and the Government and all law officers. Relationship and love should be two-way traffic meaning “Do good to others as you expect good things to come to you.”


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