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Nature And Classify The Forms of Religious Behaviour

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Classifying The Forms of Religious Behaviour

Religion could be a name. It unites and brings folks along to celebrate what they need in common, what they love, in a very method that they perceive one another, and provided one another thereupon support and Love forever.

Religion is morality – morality is faith.

Dharma, as we have a tendency to decision it in Bhartiye language, is Sanatana (eternal).

Dharma isn’t what you’re feeling is correct. Your perspective will vary, supported by varied conditions or circumstances.

Dharma is analogous to like wherever you submit with no expectation.
Killing somebody is wrong. Killing somebody to avoid wasting another may be right. In each state of affairs, somebody is killed.


Religion is generally misunderstood and mixed with totally different ideologies.

. Christianity (2.1 billion)

. Islam (1.3 billion)

. Nonreligious (Secular/Agnostic/Atheist) (1.1 billion)

. Hinduism (900 million)

. ancient Chinese faith (394 million) half-dozen

. Buddhism 376 million

. Primal-indigenous (300 million)

. African ancient and Diasporic (100 million)

. faith (23 million)

. Juche (19 million)

. Spiritism (15 million)

. Judaism (14 million)

. Bahai (7 million)

. Jainism (4.2 million)

. Shinto (4 million)

. Cao Dai (4 million)

. Mazdaism (2.6 million)

. Tenrikyo (2 million)

. Neo-Paganism (1 million)

. Unitarian-Universalism (800,000)


RELIGION could be a terribly complicated development. Its quality should be understood.

There area unit seven forms of religion within the world. The primary kind is
ignorance-oriented. as a result of people who cannot tolerate their cognitive content; they hide it. As a result of it’s tough to grasp that one doesn’t know; it’s against the ego, folks believe. Their belief systems operate to guard their egos. They’re useful, however within the long-range, they’re terribly harmful. Within the starting, they appear to be observed, however finally; they’re terribly damaging. The terrible orientation is in cognitive content.

Religion is light:-

  Religion Why so misunderstood?

faith is understanding; faith is awareness; faith is believability. However, a big part of human remains within the 1st variety of religion. It’s simply to avoid reality, to avoid the gap that one feels in one’s being, to avoid the region of cognitive content.

GOD exists where there’s union:-

where there’s Yoga, God comes into existence. You’re walking alone; God is sound asleep. Then suddenly you see someone, and you smile; God is woke up, the opposite has been available in. Your smile isn’t isolated; it’s a bridge. You’ve got thrown a bridge towards the opposite. The opposite has additionally smiled; there has been a response. Between you, each raises an area I decision God — a touch vibration.
Once you return to the tree and look on the facet of the tree, completely oblivious to the tree’s existence, God is sound asleep. Then suddenly, you investigate the tree ANd an upsurge of feeling for the tree, and God has arisen.
Wherever there’s Love, God is; where there’s a response, God is. God is that space; it exists where a union exists. That is why I say Love is that the purest risk of God as a result of it’s the subtlest union of energies.
In Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Lord avatar says-


On the destruction of the family, the perennial family dharmas decease. Once Hindu deity dies, adharma [the opposite of dharma] overwhelms the complete family. From the predominance of adharma, O Krishna, the family girls area unit impure. Once the ladies area unit is corrupted, O Varshneya, a confusion of social orders arises. This confusion leads solely to hell, each for the destroyers of families and for the family. Indeed, the forefathers fall [from heaven] since the ritual offerings of food and water area unit suspended. These crimes of the family killers, United Nations agency propagate a confusion of social categories, community dharmas, and therefore the everlasting family dharmas, area unit ravaged. We’ve got forever detected, O Janardana, that those men United Nations agency overpower family dharmas have their residence mounted inhell.

  Religious Evolution of Egypt

—Bhagavad-gita one.39-43


These area units the five dimensions of faith.

Finding which means Inlife

People live, then die.

People ask for which means in their life. Why can we exist?
How can we add up to birth, life, and death? And so on.
Religion offers a framework for folks to search out that which means. Or, it provides a ready-to-use operating set of importance.

In the non-religious realm, folks might notice which means as radio-controlled by alternative framesets, e.g., philosophical doctrine, Absurdism, etc., in Philosophy.

These considerations the assumption within the supernatural that is outside the macrocosm of the divine. It’s AN abstract intelligence with aims, purposes, ANd intentions and has an interest in us. The arguments for the Existence of God is during this dimension.

This is the first space of Faith-Reason tension, ad nauseam, in western cultures.



These area units the morals statute beneath the faith. There’s generally a label threat/reward belief mental construct to guide and drive behaviors.

This is a vicinity of tension between profane} and secular humanist ethics. Humanist ethicists reason that folks ought to treat others humanely, with all respect, recognizing principles value perceptive within the conduct of life, freelance of threat/reward driverconstructs.
Alternative humanists indicate that Morals (Ethics) Philosophy pre-dated organized religions: Greek philosophy: Socrates, Plato.


Human beings are complicated. They’ve in-depth, emotional responses to beauty, friends, the need for peace, security, companionship, Love. People respond to nature, art, and music.

Human beings started to create what we call religion now, at the same time, and much for the same purpose, that they began to create works of art. The two are closely linked. That’s why you see so many artworks in religious places. That’s why music has played an outsize part in spiritual life. Life was seen to have some ultimate value. Art gives one a sense of Transcendence. Transcendence is a part of the human psyche. The experience of Transcendence is part of the human condition. In religion, it takes the form of God, Brahman, Nirvana,etc.

  Importance of Religion in the 21st Century

Image of Nature And Classify The Forms of Religious Behaviour

The Faith-Atheist tension here is that atheists assert that human beings can admire and enjoy the splendors of nature, art, music without linking spirituality to the supernatural.

You’re on a hilltop gazing at a spectacular sunset splashed across the sea. You can say

“Oh! Thank God for a beautifulworld!”
“Isn’t it wonderful that we can experience this wondrous connection withnature.”
“Science andTechnology”

Perversely, faith was humankind’s terribly earliest variant of Science and Technology, minus the methodology. Humans once thought that thunder was caused by massive, powerful, invisible versions of themselves, walking on clouds! Hurricanes, droughts have their colorful animations. They tried to influence these forces by victimization; the sole technological means that they will muster. Sacrifice virgins or bulls to bring rain, etc.

Their science explained the phenomena.
Their technology sought-after to manage these forces.
The Faith-Science tension here is that scientists can assert that we must always be ready to not have answers, not essentially to own closure, to everything, all right away. We must always be a part of the method of checking out. Religion could be a part a species goes through once it evolves enough to raise profound queries; however not enough to answer all of them


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