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How Religion Has So Much Affected Relationships

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Religion And Relationship

Region cares and nature’s relationship. It is from religion that man knows their creator and the purpose of humanity. Religion gives specifications on ways to relate and coexist in the world. In an attempt to understand relationship and religion, let us go through the subtopics below.

Where does religion come in a relationship?

Religion plays a significant role in the relationship. When referring to a relationship between man and woman, religions support this and authorizes a man to choose a woman and marry. Religion, especially Christianity, treats the relationship as the kind of relationship between Jesus, and the Church, and the Father (Ephesians 5:22-33).

What is a good husband and a good woman in a relationship?

The kind of man to marry is a man who knows how to take care of the woman. A man who can protect the woman and the family in the time of need. A man that makes the woman feel safe and loved. The man is described as having love and affection, Godliness, loyalty and trust, confidence, and appreciation. James 1:19-20 shows that a man should be slow to anger, and quick to hear, and slow to speak or respond. Timothy 3:2 says that a man should have one wife, be respectable, sober, self-controlled, hospitable, and should be able to teach.
The choice of the type of woman to marry is described in the Christian bible. In Proverbs 31:10-31, the Lord said it is hard to find a good woman; a good woman is worth more than a diamond. The characteristics of a good woman to relate with are expounded in this verse further. The verse indicates that the perfect woman should be trustworthy, generous, and know how to do her house chores and shopping. A good woman should wake up in the morning, and organize her daily duties, take care of the children and help the poor. She should not be warred about the children’s clothes when the rain comes as they had prepared for a long time ago.

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Understanding each other in a relationship

It is pure and loving to understand one another in a relationship. The man needs to understand the needs of the woman, and the woman needs to understand a man’s needs. In Ephesians chapter 5, the book indicates that the man’s body belongs to the woman and the woman’s body belongs to the man. They should exercise equal conjugal rights to each other, respect each other as Christ loves the church. In 1 Peter 3:1-7, the Lord requires husbands to give honor to their wives. The husband should treat their wives with equal measure as partners given by God, and since they are weak, they are to be loved, cared for, and cherished. Understanding your partner indicates how you are sensitive and responsive to your partners’ needs and wants. The wife should listen carefully to the husband and take care of him all day through their relationship and marriage. In Titus 2:4, the Bibles teaches us that the wife should respect and love their husband, the wife should accept the husband the way he is imperfect and treat him with honor and love.

What are healthy discussions in a relationship?

Whenever there are two or more people, things may fall apart, which is why we should consider having healthy discussions in a relationship. People in a relationship should not consider divorce or terms of divorce when it happens. A relationship or marriage in Christianity is considered an everlasting contract between the wife, the husband, and God (1 Corinthians 7). The book of Mathew 19:9 says that a man should not divorce his wife except for sexual immorality; therefore, the man is considered to have committed adultery if this action happens. The marriage discussion should involve all necessary words to build and make the marriage more substantial, but not to destroy it. The marriage and relationship discussion should involve children and God’s blessings (Psalm 127,128). In Genesis 1:28, the Lord passes a blessing to man after giving him a wife that they should give birth and fill the world and have dominion over all other living things. That shows that in a relationship, the Lord requires us to prosper and be blessed, the Lord does not discuss matters of destruction when He relates to mana, and Again in the book of Jeremiah 11, The lord talks of good plans to help humankind prosper. When and loving and caring for your partners, the issue of discussion should remain relevant and constructive to enable you to live longer with respect for each other.

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Property ownership in a relationship?

The Lord commands that the man should not still and should not covet (Roman 7:7); the bible verse advises against stealing properties that do not belong to you. Deuteronomy 19:14, 22:28, 23:10, and 27: 17 talks about moving land boundaries created by the ancestors. The bible tells us not to cross your partner boundaries and claim what does not belong to you. Relationships should consider man and wife as one, and in most cases, every property is owned jointly. After marriage, a woman owns the husband’s body as his property, and so does the man. There is a tale that says that there is a woman behind every successful man, and this is true for married couples. Naomi’s story tells it all after she was left alone, her husband Elimelech died and her two sons; Mahlon and Chilion, she remains the sole owner of everything and moves to Moab with her daughter-in-law Ruth to look for food (Ruth 1:1-7).

Religion and relationship


Relationship and religion is a broad subject to discuss. Still, it is good to understand that the Lord God supports and requires us to live peacefully, marry when the time comes, and honor, love, and cherish our partners. The love in marriage and relationship should be pure just as the Lord Jesus loves the church and the same way as God first loved us (John 3:16). Kindness and respect should rule in the relationship; couples and partners should treat each other equally as marriage is a blessing from God.


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