Historical Values Tradition And Culture Of India

Image of Historical Values Tradition And Culture Of India


Image of Historical Values Tradition And Culture Of India

Republic Of India historical values, traditions and culture

India has a dynamic cultural history, it starts from human civilization and mysterious one. Indians are the most diversified nation both religiously and if we talk about ethnically. Religion has a great impact on the culture of India although the majority of the population in India is Hindu secular Muslims are also the majority in it.
Indian culture is almost 45,000 years old. Indian culture is diversified according to direction like people living in the North has traditions that differ from people living in the south. Art, handicraft, music, different kind of dance, variety of poetry, food and different kind of clothing is the key elements of Indian traditions that are reinforced by freedom and peace. Harmony, love, pride, courage, kindness and adaptability are the core value of this community

India Arts history
Indian art is the oldest one, both culture and religion have an impact on it. Islamic religion, Hindu culture, Buddhism and Sikhism influence its art culture it includes poetry both romantic poetry and Sufism, sculpture, textile art like draw pattern on silk clothes, painting and other modern items.

Historical buildings in India
Indian culture includes a lot of historical buildings that the values and traditions of ancient people it includes Qutab Minar, Taj Mahal, Imperial tower, Brihadeeswarar Temple, Vittala Temple Complex, Sanchi Stupa, Amer Fort Rajasthan, Mahabalipuram Tamil Nandu and Gate Way of India Mumbai a lot of more. These beautiful and historical buildings tourists. Also represents the diversified culture, community, norms and values.

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Image of Historical Values Tradition And Culture Of India

Indian Cuisine
Indian cuisine is unique due to the variety of species that include both fried and extract. There is a large number of Indian cuisine it varies from door to door. It includes a large variety of lentils, rice, whole wheat flour etc. Indian food is always with fresh and aromatic ingredients that give it a different identity. Regional diversification has a great impact on Indian cuisine like people living in south India prefer to cook food in Coconut oil as compared to sunflower or mustard oil. This diversity gives variety to Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine is famous in the world due to its aroma and species factor.

The Indian way of Greetings
Different religious community greet in different ways like Hindus use the word “Namaste” while Muslims use the world ” Aslam.ul.Alaikum”.As a well as way of greeting is different for different regions. South Indian people way of greeting is different from the North Indian people.

Indian literature And Philosophy
Indian literature and philosophy the aesthetic taste an the ancient history of Indian philosophy exist. Indian literature is one of the most diversified ones it covers every aspect of life. Biography is the main element in Indian literature. Some Tourists have also written articles on Indian culture.
It is present in different languages like Hindi, Urdu and Persian. The most famous work is done in Sanskrit. The Republic of India has 22 officially recognized languages.

Indian Modesty value
Modesty is the core element of Indian society. A strong family system exists in Indian culture but now Indian families give importance to privacy. Women dress up issues is resolving day by day by the concept of freedom. Modesty is a key to success because it brings equilibrium to community values.

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Indian adaptability

It’s an inherent value that in Indians, they show it in every aspect of life from home living to travelling as well as in profession and business. Due to this value, a large number of diversified community is living in this country.

Unity in diversity
Indians is that nation that is living with unity in diversity by incorporating friendship, harmony, kindness and love like core values. Due to this unity world always see the peaceful face of the Indian Nation. The Law of equal rights gives strength to this unit.

It’s value for the survival of a nation. So the Indian government, as well as the national, now emphasizes to give equal rights to both major and minor communities so that their economy as well as unity strength in a proper way.

Indian Festivals and Music
Indian festive are diversified according to religions most important are Eid. ul.Fitr, Eid .ul.Adha, Ramazan that is celebrated by Muslims. Holi, Dewali, Dussehra and Navaratri are celebrated by the Hindu community.
Indian music is growing and changing day by day it includes folk, pop, classical and rocking music. The Indian music industry is now the largest in the world. It is a growing and evolving day by day. Indian music history is the history of decades it includes the old version of music.


Image of Historical Values Tradition And Culture Of India

Indian culture is the oldest one. It is full of diversity coupled with unity. Different communities with different languages, food, dress code, religion and traditions living with unity and harmony. Indian culture is unique in the world due to its different state of artist, literature, aesthetic taste philosophy, music, art innovation, a lot of historical places for tourist and history lover people. Indian community strictly follow the traditions and focus on the family system. Harmony, pride, adaptability, love, kindness, freedom and equality are the core values of Indian culture. Indian community focus on family system so different generations living with each other in the same house. Arrange marriages are most common in Indian community life partner of their children are mostly selected by their parents.

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Culture represents the sharing of characteristics among the entire group while traditions the behaviour and beliefs of a community. Indian o community is filled with these two factors and strictly follow their norms and values. Tolerance and Spirituality and continuity are the basic elements of Indian values. A community that has different languages, religions, traditions to live like a single unit is Indian One.

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