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Eastern Religion In Post 911 World

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Image of Eastern Religion In Post 911 World

Eastern Religion In Post 911 World

Ever since the World Trade Center in America was attacked on September 11, 2001, by an extremist Salafist Jihadi organization called Al-Qaeda led by Osama Bin Laden, this date 911 remains impregnated in the minds of the Americans as a triggering memory of the anguish and ordeal that came with it.

However, while this calamity happened in the West, its counter effects managed to resurface globally, especially in the Asian region and the Asian inhabitants of the West in particular.

Muslims throughout the entire world condemned this attack as their holy scriptures Quran prohibits the murder of innocent beings( unless in a war or to serve justice) but since then the Muslims have met with nothing but unfair and ruthless allegations of terrorism.

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims sacrificed their lives to repay a crime they never even committed but to this date, the stigma has remained attached to their reputation.

Even decades after the occurrence of this traumatic and woeful predicament, the fear of terrorism in the hearts of the Americans goes on to strengthening itself, like this one leading an incendiary terrorist attack on the land of the United States of America paved the way for some more gruesome and catastrophic activities. Mass bombings, shooting and target killings became more frequent.

Such havoc-wreaking, fear-inducing reports plagued the minds of the Americans for years. Somehow this fear instilled into the minds of the native Americans destroyed the peace of the Muslim inhabitants in America and various other religions residing in Asia but predominantly Muslims.

In this study, we wish to unveil why terrorism in the West has strenuously been associated with Islam and Muslims in Asia. Furthermore, we also want to discuss the sociopolitical demeanor when such circumstances occurred, conceptions, and logical reasons behind the confinements of civil liberties.

This study also discourses the role played by the media in such a time of crisis that led to the durable and long-lasting despair instilled into the minds of the Americans as well the endorsement of all these stereotypes that created chaos for Muslims not just in the West but also in their homelands.

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Perhaps, let us discuss a little first that what provoked the Americans point their bloody fingers in the direction of the Eastern soil.

Delving into the insight here, we may have observed and concluded that, the formalistic incidents of the past few years before the horrific accident had occurred led to a juncture which for the American history turned out to be the 911. Such as Operation Enduring Freedom, the all-around universal struggle with terrorism, the conflict with Iraq and the residual outcome of the war with Iraqis have all drastically impaired the interrelations of the Muslim world and the United States altering the prominence and stature of the Muslims in the West forever.

However, there is no denying the fact that some of the surplus ambulations that are dominating the conditions in Muslim countries are also directly or indirectly the byproduct of some stimulated progressions that have been under process for several years.

The constant amelioration of these progressions has been making the administration of a secure, peaceful, and harmonious environment in the Muslim world as well as the conservation of their sanctity and integral rights more crucial in the present times and the years to come. As we know that the course of events ever since the gut-wrenching turmoil of September 11, 2001, have efficaciously modified the socio-political situation in the world for Muslims, some ample and disparate territories that consist of the Muslim populated countries with extending from the West African region towards the south of Philippines, also encompassing Muslim inhabitants as well as the exodus Muslim communities dispersed widespread all around the globe.

It is well known that like every other community of the world in the Muslim world, faith, politics,values of civilization being honored since the ancient ages exist hand in hand in a very arduous and intricate manner.

The sole ambition and aspiration behind inspecting and analyzing all these scenarios and key elements were to find the driving force behind this change in dynamics of the political afflictions of Muslims with the West that has now been turned into some sort of cold religion war.

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First, we would shed some light on the basic typology of Muslim inhabitants throughout the world. It might be a bit of a surprise to the non-Muslim folk reading this article but the Muslims all over the world may differ considerably from each other. Islam is one of the largest and far-flung religions of the world.

Various Muslims have inhabited different pieces of land globally.
Based on their ethnicities they have various sub-divisions amidst themselves. Muslims are majorly divided into two major sects. These sects are further divided into more sub-sects and so on. Based on these castes and sects not only do their views at times stand contradicting certain religious events and rituals but also they share some political conflicts among various tribes residing in various regions of the vastly Muslim populated and Muslim governed areas.

At times even their communal adaptations, their major concepts regarding the law of governance and enforcement of these laws, determination of basic human and civil non-muslim rights, their communal tabs regarding the position and authority of the woman in the Muslim society, policies for war, violence, retaliation, self-defense, and peace.

The above elaborately provided description and comprehensively explained overview makes it easier for an average non-Muslim to somewhat comprehend the basic classification of sects amidst the Muslims in a precise and systematic manner. As per what extensive studies and the reports based on these studies have revealed is that for the U.S there are certain regions and zone with which it desires to form accomplices to find some common ground for bolstering their democratic notion and defeat terrorism in their own way for their own personal vendettas. Now it is well known that among the Muslims it’s the Sunnis who widely dominate the Muslim empire in terms of number.

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While 15% of the Muslims follow Shiaism. This 15% may sound too less as compared to the general population of the Muslims but still occur in the major populations globally. Shias are predominantly found in Iran and Iraq However 911 and the downfall of Saddam Hussain inversely affected this for America. Bahrain, KSA constitutes, as Wahabis in abundance.

Exceeding reports have depicted a desire of alignment with the USA found among Iraqis for the intention to subjugate Iran and emerge as a stronger and more stable socio-political constitution in the world. While America’s approach remains not understood here.

Image of Eastern Religion In Post 911 World
However, they do desire to overthrow the vastly spread Sunni stance to shake the walls of the overall Muslim empire in the world. Ever since 911 occurred the Muslim minorities all across the globe have suffered to plight at the hands of the USA government as the aftermath of this calamity.

The formerly elected President George Bush termed this incident as the ‘war on terror’. Since then, Muslims have been subjected to punishments of sins they had no contribution.

Terrorism has no religion. Muslims do not wish to associate themselves with murderers who inhumanly took innocent lives and tarnished their reputation on a global level. President Obama who may have apparently distanced himself from this war on religion but continued to bomb several vulnerable Muslim communities.

Wrongly exercising their political right to retaliate by making thousands of innocent people suffer.

In short, we believe that both the West and the East have suffered tremendously as a result of some terrorist activities carried out by some extremists. Making genuinely uninvolved and not guilty people endure languish because of what some extremists did is not the answer. it is essential to develop a conflict resolution strategy between the Muslim world and the USA. Muslims inhabit about 30 percent of the world.

Establishing stable social and political relationships with them would yield successful global outcomes for both communities.


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