Culture And Tradition In Indonesia

Image of Culture And Tradition In Indonesia


Image of Culture And Tradition In Indonesia

The Republic Of Indonesia Cultural And Traditional History

Indonesia It is a country of Southeast Asia and situated between India and Pacific Oceans. It contains almost 17000 islands including Sulawesi, Java, Sumatra and Papua. Indonesia is the largest country of Islands. It is a Muslim country with a majority of Muslims inhabitants with 270 million people and it is the 14th largest country if we calculate according to land area. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. Its official language is Indonesian with more than 700 other languages. It has almost 1300 different ethnic group. Islam is an official religion but others like Hinduism and Christianity are also present. If we talk about its climate it has two seasons one is the wet season and the second is dry season and it is topical tropical and influence the culture and traditions of the country

Culture And Traditions

Clothing of Indonesians
Their national costumes are Kebaya and Batik. Indonesia has 34 provinces, each province represents unique, traditional and different design clothing. Customer is often wearing at ceremonies and official gatherings. Batik is the most famous National cloth and it is made with the help of a special dyeing technique (manual wax-resist dyeing) to create unique and delicate patterns. Kebaya is mostly used by women and it is made up of either thin cotton, nylon or silk material. Peci is a traditional cap that is worn by Indonesian men.

Indonesian Cuisine
If we talk about Indonesian cuisine it is mainly influenced by two cultures first is Chinese culture and the second is Indian culture. Native Indonesian mostly like to eat rice as the main food, with different varieties of meat and vegetables that are considered as side dishes. In some part of the country like Ambon and Irian, Jaya people love to eat Sago and also sweet potato. In some areas, Pempek is also a traditional dish. Halal food is the priority in Indonesia Cuisine due to the Muslim majority. If we talk about taste Indonesian dishes have a spicy taste due to chilli peppers and other spices. The most popular dishes of Indonesian cuisine are Nasi Goreng, Tofu, Tempe and Satay.

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Image of Culture And Tradition In Indonesia


Indonesian Literature
Early Indonesian literature was written in the y language and mostly about Indonesian history. Indonesia has an ancient history of poetry it covers all aspects of love, romance, Sufism, traditional narrative poetry, gurindum, bad and hikayat. Famous Indonesian poets include Joko pinurbo, Saturdji Calzoum, Arfizal Malna and Binhad Nurrohmat.

Bahasa Indonesia is the official language of Indonesia. Most Indonesian also speak local languages according to area fluently these Javanese, Balinese and Sundanese.

Festival Celebration In Indonesia

Indonesia is a diversified country and it is rich in traditions and cultures. Due to the huge population, this country is a mixture of cultural and festival events. Rambu solo ceremony most famous festival in Indonesia. It is celebrated by a specific group of people that are called Tojara.To people perform fascinating funeral rites to minimise and protect the misfortunes. Nyepi is the second most famous festival it identifies the start of a new year it is celebrated mostly between 25th to 26th March. Jember Fashion Carnival it a part of east javas culture, at this day fashion parades is seen with thousands of modern costumes, flutes and drums. Baliem valley festival is celebrated in August it is celebrated by the tribe and harvest people of Indonesia.

Sekaten is an Islamic festival and it is the celebration day of the birth of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). Waisak is a festival that is celebrated by Bhudish to acknowledge the birth of Lord Buddha. Independence day in Indonesia is always celebrated with pride, it is a National day in Indonesia and celebrated on 17th August. Eid ul Fitr it is one the most important festival in Indonesia due to the presence of Muslim majority, during this people arrange family dinners and decorating their houses. Cap Goh Meh is a typically Chinese festival that is celebrated in Indonesia and attract the Chinese population to this country.

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Tomohon International flower festival is celebrated every year at the major Tomhon coast this event brings a unique and colourful flower show by beautifully decorating the floats. Eid ul Azha is also an Islamic festival that is celebrated with full spirit in the country.

Indonesian Art And Handicraft
Due to the presence of over 300 ethnic group, there is diversity in Indonesian art. It includes a design that is traced from animalistic belief, Hindu or Bhudishish history of motifs, Islamic and Chinese artistic traditions also affect the local art of Indonesia. Indonesia artist use fibres, wood, grasses, bamboo, natural and chemical dyes and beads to design beautiful ornaments, jewellery and other decoration items.

Indonesian Culture values

Despite the diversity, Indonesia people are living as a single unit. The main reason for unity is seen due to the nature of accepting adaptability that’s why different ethnic groups are living in this country and spending their lives with freedom.

Gentleness, Harmony And Courtesy:
The Indonesian nation is very gentle and kind. They always to live in harmony and peace. Due to their courteous nature, a large number of tourists visit this country every year. Filial piety is an important and basic element of Indonesian culture that creates a hierarchy in a relationship and organize the family systems.


Image of Culture And Tradition In Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with a Muslim majority and also an archipelago because of the presence of 17,500 islands. More than 300 ethnic groups are present in Indonesia out of which 41% of the Javanese population occupy Java Island. Diversity is present in history, culture, tradition as well as a language due to the presence of ethnicity. Face, harmony, kindness and adaptability are the core values of its inhabitants. Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism it’s the main religion. Indonesian Nation celebrates their festivals with enthusiasm and pride. This country is considered as a hub of art, many artist visit Indonesia to learn new art skills.Indonesian cuisine is a mixture of different cultural cuisine Chinese and Indian culture is predominant in its cuisine. In short, it is a country which is rich in culture and tradition as well as beauty.

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