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Cultural values and Traditions of Maldives

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The Maldives Cultural Heritage And Tradition

The Maldives south Asian country’s cultural values and traditions are originated from India, Malaysia, Srilanka, Indonesia, Arab and Persian countries. The people of Maldives are too friendly and warm welcome. This country is a fascinating destination. It’s a small piece of paradise with thousands of islands. Island communities live together like a knot and enjoy the benefits of togetherness. The Maldives has a varied and rich cultural history that is affected by the culture of people of different ethnicity. Islam also influences the culture of this country. Different rituals are performed in the islands on special occasions like weddings. The climate of Maldives is warm with two yearly monsoon seasons, humidity is always high in this country. This country consists of twenty-Six coal atolls near the northern Indian ocean. Soil is highly alkaline with very poor water retention that makes it unsuitable for agriculture but people still grow vegetables and fruits by using modern agriculture techniques. The Maldives is famous for its fascinating natural environment like blue oceans, clean air as well as beautiful white beaches. Tourism is the main economic industry in the Maldives and plays the most common role in earning foreign revenue and 2500 people are employing. Archipelago is the source of attraction to tourists that visit this country. Natural resources are fisheries and a conducive marine environment. India and Sri Lanka are the closet neighbours. Male is the capital of this country. Stability and unity are present in this country due to linguistic as well as religious homogenization.

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The basic religion in the Maldives is Islam, it is depicted through fascinating mosques. Alcohol is forbidden in this country but people still enjoy cocktails beverages in tropical areas.

Dressing Code
Maldives people are quite traditional in dressing due to the Muslim faith. Males mostly wear a white shirt of cotton as well as a sarong, females wear a traditional dress that is called Liba which a long dress that is fabricated with silver and gold threads. Even tourist must wear full clothing during swimming, but this role is not applicable in resort and beaches that are specially designed for tourism.

Maldives Cuisine
The economy is driven by the fishing industry in the Maldives. One can eat a lot of snapper, lobster and fresh tuna at the resort. Traditional Maldives food is spicy and got full of soups, gravies and curries often served with rice. Mangoes, pineapple, coconuts and yams are grown locally and super delicious.

Dance and Music
Dance and music are the main part of Maldives culture. One of the common and famous performances in the Maldives is Bodu Beru. This dance is performed in a group of 15 to 20 male dancers and featured singers and drummers.

Attachment with the sea
Inhabitants of Maldives have a strong attachment to the sea. The way of living in the Maldives is highly dependent on the sea. During the day the female members of the family take care of the home while the men go fishing.

Maldives culture is full of handmade products it includes braided mates, handmade jewellery, beautiful wooden boats and vases.

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Image of Culture And Tradition In Indonesia

Maldives Festivals
It’s the homeland of Sunni Muslims and Islam, so they enjoy all the festivals of Islam like Ramadan, Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Adha, Independence Day that is celebrated on 26th of July, National Day it a day of celebration of the victory of Muhammad Thakurufaanu, according to Islamic calender, this day is celebrated on 1st of Rabee ul Awal, Republic Day, Victory Day and Eid Milad ul Nabwi (SAW).

Languages of Maldives people
Different languages are spoken in Maldives official, national and main language is Dhivehi while foreign languages are Arabic and English.

The family system in the Maldives
In the past, Maldives was an old caste society however modernization makes it more homogenous. Male always self-contained a unit of the economy. The Maldives has a single nuclear family consists of a married couple. Unmarried adults live with their parents after marriage they build their family system. Arrange marriages are still common in this country.

Cultural values of Maldives people


Honestly is the main value that is found in the habitat of Maldives. They strictly follow it in both personal and professional matters that way it’s a great country for tourism.

With modernization freedom of speak and living like changes occur in the country to increase the economic growth by attracting more and more tourist and foreigners to this beautiful country.

3.Kindness and Love
Maldives people are too loving and friendly, they always warm welcome their guests.

The people of Maldives are famous due to their hospitality that is the reason a large number of tourists visit this place every year.

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The people of the Maldives are very courageous and patriotic.


The Maldives is a country that is full of beauty and diversified culture, about half a million inhabitant of the Maldives have their own unique culture but it is heavily affected by the different cultures around the globe and it is highly shaped by the environment of islands and seas. Dhivehi is the official language of the Maldives. people of the maldives are master in boat building, dhoni is a famous boat that has been shaped from mainly centuries. Traditional cuisine also has a sea impact and it is highly rich in rice, fish and coconut. Music mostly shows the very strong impact of Arab, East Africa as well as the Indian continent.

Maldives is rich in a traditional craft like lacquered wooden things, woven mates and handmade ornaments and this craft is passing from generations to generations. Mix culture impact is seen in its music and art. Maldives people like adaptability and welcome outsiders. people in the Maldives believe in unity but modernization brings a new culture of attitude and ideas.


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